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Comida por encargo para llevar

Los encargos deben realizarse el día anterior. Llámanos al 607 952 255.

Prueba nuestro nuevo vino "La Chica de Ayer"

Te presentamos una nueva incorporación a nuestra carta de vinos. Se trata de "La Chica de Ayer", un Ribeiro que estamos seguros de que te va a sorprender y que podrás disfrutar en A Caseta da Barra. Prueba "La Chica de Ayer", La Belleza de nuestra Tierra en tu Copa.

Spanish “embutidos” (cold cuts) and cheese tables.

From now, you can order our cold cuts and cheese tables and try one of our specialties: cold cuts from “Mangalica” pork.

List of Allergens in unpackaged foods

Now available our list of allergens in unpackaged foods, in compliance with legislation REG CE 1169/2011.

Let us cook for you!

You do not feel like cooking today? We can bring your order home, do not hesitate to contact us!

Welcome to: “A Caseta da Barra”

We launch our new webpage! In it we will let you know about us, who we are, what we do, and above all, we will inform you of very exciting promotions!
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